“Two months into Pilates with Alice and the back problems I have had for the past 20 years have significantly improved, in fact almost vanished! No more sore back when driving & no more sore back whilst standing for long periods of time. I’m amazed how quickly Pilates has had an impact on one 1-1 session per week and 20 minutes at home every other day. Alice is great at what she does, clearly loves it, and has been a huge help. Can’t praise her highly enough.”

Steve Rawson  

"Half way through my Marathon training I experienced a knee injury. Alice wrote a personal training plan for me, which enabled me to keep my fitness up without having to run during my recovery phase. I also received a 1-1 Pilates lesson which really helped me to understand every movement better. I'm happy to say that I finished my first Marathon last Sunday without any knee pain. As a nice side effect I lost 4 cm around my hips. Additional to the Pilates class I highly recommend practicing Pilates at home. I saw results very quickly. Alice is a great teacher. Thank you so much!"

Ursula Friede 

"I can already feel the difference in the few weeks I've been coming, it helps reduce the stress levels.  Sitting at a computer all day I suffer aches and pains in my shoulders, arms and hips and the Pilates stretches really help.  Last night my left shoulder was aching when I arrived and by the time we'd finished the class it had eased off. Computer users this is the class for you!"


"I owe you my current fitness and drive to go back to work and think you're ace!" 

Karin Faas 

"Alice’s Pilates class has totally changed my life. With a heart and lung condition I was looking for a gentle but effective exercise class to stay in shape – and I’ve never looked back. My fitness and flexibility have dramatically improved, my migraines have practically disappeared but more importantly I can see and FEEL the difference in my body. Thank you!" 

Jenny Kumar  

"Suffering from M.S. I had been advised of the benefits of Pilates by my physio and M.S. nurses.  They told me it could help with my symptoms (drop foot and muscular weakness in my leg, as well as fatigue.)  Since beginning Pilates over a year ago with Alice my symptoms have improved dramatically.  The gentle exercising, whilst I found difficult at times, is not tiring.  With perseverance it has brought about fantastic results and energises me for the day.  My mobility and balance have improved with greater muscular strength in my core and legs.  This means I am able to walk without tripping up and without the assistance of someone's arm or my Functional Nerve Stimulator, which I had relied upon so much.  My joints have loosened with gentle stretching exercises, helping me further with my walking.  My abdominal muscles, which were almost non-functioning, are now almost back to normal.  The happy side effect of this being that my body shape has changed-by 2 dress sizes!" 

Pat Morrisey  

"I have an allotment and it has just occured to me that I haven't had a sore back this year" 

Barbara Bates


"Climbing was excellent tonight, I put the improvement all down to Pilates!"  

Gerry Magennis